Sunday, October 1, 2017

5 Free Halloween Decorating Ideas

Happy October! Today was seriously the perfect Fall weather day here in NC.  I swear I could have worn a sweater and I wouldn't have even been too hot. CRAZY!

We are on a super tight budget lately, but when Amelia asked if we could decorate for Halloween, you know my answer. I suck at being on budgets.  We spent 20 dollars on Halloween lights, ok?? Don't judge.  But I tried to go cheap/free for everything else.

Here are five ideas for free!

1. First we made a monster face for my window.  There are some really sweet ones out there, all made with paper! Or if you have some craft foam around that would make the decoration reusable, and sturdier.

2.  A Halloween bunting banner cut from paper. Anything orange, black, brown or tan will do for Fall.  I could even see some green and black to make a creepier-type banner for Halloween.

3. Paper Bats! Draw one on a piece of paper, then use it as a stencil to make more. If you are going truly free here, you options are usually paper or wood that you have laying around. In the future I would like to do some free Fall or Halloween pallet pumpkins or decor.

4.  Ok this I have done in the past but I don't have a picture of it, and that is a spider web entryway.  Pretty sweet idea.  Made out of black duct tape.  I actually have black duct tape, so when I do this, I'll exchange the picture.  I can't find where the picture came from, so sorry!

5. This last one won't be free unless you have stuff laying around like me.  But I couldn't have a list of "4 free decorations." Use a piece of plank wood, an old shutter, or whatever you have around and paint a "Welcome" sign on it.  Or you could use Harvest, Hello Fall, or something else cute. Then free-hand a witches hat, a pumpkin, spider, whatever floats yo' Halloween boat.

For mine, I had a 5 dollar shutter sitting in my living room for the last 2 months. I cut the letters out on my silhouette and used the outside of the letters to make a stencil.  You definitely do not need a Silhouette or Cricket to make letter stencils though.  You can print out large letters using a regular ink printer, then cut them out, and they make a great single-use stencil.

Happy Fall Y'all!