Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY Burlap Curtains

The idea for these curtains came from Ballard Design's burlap curtain panels, which run 50-70 dollars a panel.  I did this project for 20 dollars.  You will need burlap, any color, there are lots of options (who knew?)  I got about five yards for 12 or so dollars.  It will be cheaper around Halloween, when it is most popular.  Also, stitch witchery, this amazing stuff that calls for no sewing!

I am a poor college student so I don't have a sewing machine.  I found the tie-backs on clearance at Jo-Ann's for two dollars each.  I cut the fabric in half and used the stitch witchery in two lines across each panel to create the top fluff, and then again to create a hole for the rod to go through.

Before the curtains were ironed and put up, I pulled out the horizontal layers of burlap material to create a fringe and go for the Ballard Designs look.

Here is the final product! Cute, inexpensive curtains to go into our small bedroom


byuhotmama said...

And I totally would have sent you more curtains, but these are W-A-Y cuter! Love, Momma

byuhotmama said...

Love the Curt-UNs!!!!