Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall DIY Crafts

I was just married three months ago today, and since that day, I have been OBSESSED with crafting, decorating, and basically living the home-wife life.  All while attending school, working, and keeping up to date with family and friends.  Here are some of the Fall DIY crafts I've done.

1. Coffee Table Centerpeice
Ingredients: 1 package fall leaves, 1 package lentil beans, 2 Pumpkin spice flavored candles, 1 package mini pumpkins and squash, silver platter  from DI, a bit of ribbon, and trifle bowl from 

Next was my wreath. The ingredients for this were 1 package of fall leaves and 1 twig wreath. With some hot glue, I have a cute wreath for way less than any crafting store sells them for. I was going to put more leaves and some small pumpkins on it, but when I had gotten to the point where it is now, I thought the simplicity of it was perfect.

Here is my super simple table centerpiece.  Used some pumpkins from last year, and one is from the pack I bought for the coffee table centerpiece.

Next on the Fall decorating list are the glass candle holders with candy corn, YUM! Its going to be hard not to snack on them though.  These decorations include two matching vases from the DI for a dollar, candy corn, and little cinnamon roll scented candles.

A last little touch was adding a fall garland to my entertainment center.  

Our apartment is small, but I have a feeling this is not the last of the Halloween or Fall decorations.


byuhotmama said...

Cute! Cuter! Cutest!!!!! Cutestestestestest!!!!!!

Erin said...

Katie you are crazy! I'm glad you are so into something, it is fun to have a hobby! My house is a total frump compared with yours! :)