Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Cornbellys at Thanksgiving Point: A Review

Last night for Date Night, Nick and I headed off to Thanksgiving Point, which we knew was overpriced, but for us its the sentimental value that brings us back.
You see, the Cornbellys was were Nick and I went on one of our first dates.
Here we are 2 years ago:


This time around Nick and I chose not to go on the scary, spooky mazes.  Maybe this is because he doesn't need an excuse to hold my hand anymore?
Either way, we did still hold hands in the non-spooky maze, which I still got spooked a few times anyways. We still kissed in remembrance of our second kiss, which just happened to be in the maze.

Though we missed out on the spooky mazes, we did manage to
See BYU's women's A Capella group, Noteworthy, perform
Race Ducks
Watch Pig Races
Watch Pumpkin Launchers
Go on a hayride
See lots of parents take their babies around and wish we had some of our own
See a huge 20-foot-tall Jack-o-lantern tree with hundreds of pumpkins on it
and think back to all the wonderful things that have happened since the last time we visited.


Brooke said...

So cute! I'm sad we were too poor to come with you this year. But at least I still made it into a picture on your blog! haha.

byuhotmama said...

Sounds so fun! I love the "then" and "now" pictures, do them every year! I want to take Livvie to the corn maze.

Brianna said...

Haha! You're right, we do have similar posts! Love it! And I looove Corn Belly's. So fun :)

Kathryn said...

You should've gone in the scary maze!! Megan works in there and she's SUPER creepy! :) Super cute pics of you guys.

Jillian Rachelle Bessey said...

I remember seeing you two at Cornbelly's last weekend! That was so fun! :)