Sunday, October 9, 2011

DIY Wall Art

Ever since Nick and I moved in to Union Square, our bedroom has suffered from a case of The Double Personality.  One day it is totally normal and under control, the next there is no place anywhere to store anything, clothes are scattered across the floor, and the bed is a wreck.

So when Brooke thought to do this super simple DIY project together, I excitedly took hold of the idea thinking it could be the key to helping me make and keep up our room.

Brooke and I had a super fun time, including some slight hiccups with Michaels, spray adhesive, and our foam boards.
When it was all over, we had some super cute foam tiles covered with 12x12 inch scrapbooking pages with edges painted and antiqued with brown paint. You can check out Brooke's at

But before I could put the beautiful project up, something had to be done with our room! We have a few large items that don't fit in the closet of our one bedroom apartment, including a twin mattress, a large memory foam pad to that twin mattress, and a big tent.

As Nick and I mulled over some ideas last night, we decided that we needed to raise our bed and stuff these items underneath it.
So in true college dorm room spirit with a lot of laughs, a few, ok many, cement blocks later, worked! We now have a much less crowded room, and some beautiful wall art to help us feel at home and comfortable in our completely new (at least that's how it feels) room!


Brooke said...

So cute Katie! The colors turned out PERFECTLY, and you're so right about it making you want to keep your room clean. Sam's like "now that we have that decoration, we should make the rest of our bedroom look nice too." yesssssssss. Thanks for a great project!

byuhotmama said...

This really is adorable! It's almost like a headboard...maybe I should do something like this FOR a headboard...after the ugly wallpaper comes down, that is! I really like this! It looks like fabric, not paper.