Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Caramel Apples - Bucket List

From one of my new favorite semi-social networking sites, Pinterest, I found this Fall Bucket List.
I have already made leaf art with the small decorations around my house and our door wreath, and yesterday, when a few cousins came over before the football game, we made caramel apples! 
And these weren't just caramel apples, These were granny smith-caramel covered-chocolate covered-oreo covered caramel apples!
So delicious!!!!

After the caramel apple fun, our cousin Brian continued the fun with caramel covered, chocolate covered, oreo covered with crushed oreos on top!

Apparently that didn't turn out quite as good as the apples were.

Nick and I have already made plans to continue our Fall bucket list with going to a pumpkin patch, decorating our pumpkins, a picnic, and who knows, maybe a few others, this week!

I love Fall, and even though I thought we were skipping this season as it already snowed in Provo this week, it looks like we will still have a long, fulfilling Fall season ahead of us.


byuhotmama said...

So yummy...except that they would break my teeth, pull off my crowns, etc. (more fun when you're young and have good teeth).

Here's my (low-calorie) recipe for caramel dip:
1 bag caramels (Brachs, Kraft, etc., unwrapped and placed in glass bowl
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 cube butter.

Microwave for a minute, stir, then a minute more, stir some more. Get it all creamed together well. Serve with sliced apples, gala or jonathan are best. Soooo terrific. And yes, DEFINITELY LOW CALORIE!!!

Emily said...

I want the recipe for your caramel/chocolate/oreo apples. I really, really want it. Like, actually I may not need the recipe per se-but I guess I want to know if you did anything special to the caramel and what kind of dipping chocolate you used.