Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Thoughts Plus Tucanos

Ogres and ghouls, creep through your souls,
Maggots and leeches crawl up your nose.
You are now in the power of hags
This is the place where you'll die.

Eatens and fiends sharpen their teeth,
While witches and orchnies smack their lips.
Children run out and cry for their lives,
As ghosts and goblins chase for their cries.

This is a Halloween poem/song Jill Buchanan and I wrote in the fifth grade.  I wish she and I still kept in touch.
Living in a different state and being married does something to friendships.

I am really excited for Halloween, but haven't come up with any cute ideas for a couples costume...
Part of my mindblock could be that Nick keeps insisting that he is going to be Batman, and I keep insisting I'm not going to wear spandex black tights to go along as batwoman. Well, we'll see...

Also, my mom sent me a box today with decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving, as well as a cute mouse catnip toy which has made Kitty insane all night. She also sent treats, and other awesome things!
Thanks Mom!!!

Also, Nick and I went to Tucanos this week since we had a free coupon.  Here's us.

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