Sunday, October 2, 2011

Union Square Curb Appeal - Fall is for Planting

Living in an apartment, a person doesn't exactly have a lot to work with landscaping-wise.  Our apartment looks pretty boring outside, and I had wanted to put some flowers out, but I just couldn't do it knowing they would die so soon from the coming cold.  I've been wanting trees, but didn't know how it would work with so little room to work with, and not a very big budget for decorations.
So in three serendipitous moves, I was able to get some green that will last through the winter for our apartment's curb appeal (ok fine we don't actually have a curb).
1. Finding one dollar pots at DI
2. Nick saying we could go look at Home Depot once he noticed I had a hard day at school/work.
3. Finding out that Home Depot had a sale on trees!

So less than 20 dollars later,
I have two Dwarf Alberta Spruces, which will grow over 6 feet tall eventually, and will definitely last me through a Utah winter with their -40 degree Fahrenheit tolerance.

The coolest part about these is I will get to decorate them for Christmas soon!


byuhotmama said...

I absolutely love your trees! They are the perfect trees, good by themselves and then they can be Christmas-y too! I am soooooooooo impressed and it is something that I myself would love to do too! I can't wait to buy a few little decorations for your Allred Abode trees! You are such an industrious little wife, I love it!

byuhotmama said...

I have even owned those exact pots several times.

Katie@{The Allred Abode} said...

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