Friday, October 28, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

So this is the first time I’ve tried this, other than journaling.  Today was pretty average, with the ups and downs of normal life.
I usually opt to hear the bad news first, so I’ll start with that.
Bad news, my license is expired, and that caused a whole lot of drama for myself today. 
I hate it when one bad thing happens, and its on my mind all day, and it ruins how I feel about everything, do you know what I’m talking about?
But good news totally outweighs the bad today, as on most days.
Good news:
I got a 92 on my Chronic disease test.
Ok now confession time: this is the second time taking that class. I got a D+ when I took it from a teacher that didn’t speak English, well, let’s just say, at all.  I couldn’t pay attention, so it was hard for me to, well, attend. When I finally realized that everyone else seemed to be doing O.K. with her accent, it was too late.  Oh well, that bridge has burned. 
On the bright side, I now have a really nice, blonde, in more ways than one, teacher.  She’s awesome.  And super understanding. 
Also, thought of Nick and I’s Halloween costume.  Went to DI and they had a 75% match to what I wanted, so I declared it good enough, came home and made tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  World’s easiest dinner.  Seriously Yumsters.

Enough with news, onto random thoughts of the day.
I turned 21 one month ago, that makes me an official adult.  I’ll be honest, I feel 14.  
Here's me at 14, I don't look any different, do I?

So where does this leave my brain in regards to hierarchy among my superiors.  I was raised where you always call someone “Mrs.” or other appropriate titles, and I am clearly stuck in this state. I live in a sea of peers, but what happens when I go home.  My mom’s friends, Sunday school and Elementary school teachers, what of them?  I know their first names, but do I use them? Will I sound dumb calling them “Mrs. Armstrong” or “Mr. Buchanan” since I am an official adult, married and all?  I have a feeling I know the answer, but who knows, maybe I won’t be able to change. 
Does anyone have a solution to this, or am I on my own? 

Well, I suppose I will go watch BYU lose to TCU some more, not that I want that, it just seems to be happening here in the halftime break.  We will see.
Have a good night,
Katie A

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