Sunday, October 2, 2011


Brooke showed me a website last night called Wordle, which displays words in a creative "wordcloud" way, using all colors, fonts, angles, and designs you can imagine.  Brooke did a montage of things that her and her hubby were thankful for, so I of course had to copy her.  Here is my wordcloud:

Another cute wordcloud I found on Wordle was key words from The Family: A Proclamation to the World.  Here it is:
If you have a word that you want to have a larger font than the others, just type it into the box more times.  Such as "Thankful Thankful Thankful Love Love Beatles Family Family Family."  In this way, "Family" and "Thankful" will be about the same size, "love" will be large, and "Beatles" will be the smallest on the page.

I plan on framing our Thankful poster and displaying it for Thanksgiving.

Some good wordle ideas would be to
Put on a present for mom or dad, with all the reasons you love them
Put on a notebook cover, with all the things the class will entail, such as English, Writing, Essays, Words, Grammar, etc.
Make Art
Put in a poem or quote with certain words emphasized
etc, etc, etc
Have Fun.


Brooke said...

Yours turned out so cute!

byuhotmama said...

Love the wordles. If you do one for me, make sure to put "Kohls 30% offs" just kidding. Put KATIE KATIE KATIE AND family family family!!!!! And the Lord, and all the really important things! Love, Mom