Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Sweater Pillows DIY tutorial

Hey Everybody! This is my Christmas Sweater Pillow Tutorial! I just shared this on Liz's Blog, The Quick Journey, and I wanted to post it on my own blog so I can keep a record of my crafts!
So today I completed my first Christmas decoration. I know, there has been a backlash against decorating for Christmas, and listening to it's music too early, so doesn’t worry too much, all of my Fall decorations will stay up until November 24th. I got this idea from Living Savvy, another crafty blog.
Here is what I made:
These used to be sweaters!  I found some old Christmas sweaters at DI, and covered pillows with them, all for around 10 dollars!

Materials needed:
White Pillows
Pullover Sweaters (need to be stretchy)
Stitch Witchery
Some sewing pins

Here's what I did:
Starting with the sweater, cut the material in the stomach area into 2 squares, with the front and back of the sweater matched up.
With the side that you want to show in your pillow facing outwards, lay the stitch witchery in between the two layers, and iron for 10 seconds on each side for three of the sides.  You can also sew up the sides, but I use stitch witchery for any projects I can.
 For the fourth side, it starts getting tricky, just like any pillow.  Turn the pillow case right side out and stuff the pillow in.  Then pin back about 2/3 of an inch on each side, to make sure no loose seams are sticking out, and lay the stitch witchery down on the bottom side.  Keep the witchery in between the layers and iron slowly down the last side of the pillow, about 3-5 inches at a time.  Take out the pins as you go, and pretty soon, your pillow will be done!

To add a little bit more Christmas Spirit to mine, I also used the fabric from the arms of the sweaters to make fabric poinsettias, and then stitch witcheried them onto the outside of the pillows.  I didn't worry about fraying edges for these flowers, I think it adds to the cuteness of them.  
To make the flowers, I googled "fabric poinsettia flowers how to" and it took me here for an outline of poinsettias. I did five petals for the larger flower, and six for the smaller one.  I didn't print out the template, but just made a little sketch with sharpie on the fabric, and then cut around it. Like this:

I have a feeling this will be the first of many Christmas crafts to come!

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