Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sunburst Mirror: DIY Toilet Paper Tubes Project ~ How-to Tutorial

Yes I did. I just went there.  Toilet Paper Tube Art, the reason I joined Pinterest.  I've seen these like crazy lately, and came up an idea for a sunburst mirror.
Toilet Paper Tubes Sunburst Mirror
I have always wanted one of these mirrors, but it was never exactly what I wanted, or the price wasn't right.  Also, I thought they would go out of style.  So now that I've made my own, if it goes out of style, I've only spent 5 dollars!
Here is what mine looks like:

About 20 toilet paper tubes
7 inch diameter mirror
spray paint
glue dots (or glue gun)
extra piece of paper

Mark each toilet paper tube into four one-inch segments.  The tube is slightly longer than four inches, so just cut a little over the inch marks for each tube.  
Cut the toilet paper tubes into the one inch pieces, and then bend the corners of each one to make the diamond shape.  (Most of mine already had a crease forming where I cut it, so I just used the natural bending and creased it all the way)
Use the extra piece of paper to make a circle of the same diameter as the mirror (trace the mirror on the paper and cut it out)
Make your design around the extra paper circle, then, around your actual mirror, move the tube pieces one by one over and use the glue dots(or glue gun) to glue them together where they naturally fit.  For me it was about 2/3 the way up the tube's rounded side.  

I did three rows of tubes, and then a fourth row of adding a tube at every other spot, to make the points more pronounced.  
Next, spray paint!  I used Krylon's metallic satin oil brushed bronze color.  

After it is dry, use glue dots to adhere the mirror to the wall, then use a small nail or two to put the tube art around it.  Ta-dah! You just participated in the most cliché Pinterest project ever! 
You can also do this around a clock, without anything inside, or fill in the middle with toilet paper tubes! Have fun with it! Also, I've seen these spray painted all different colors, so you don't have to stick to black like I did!

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Elissa said...

I don't care what your medium is--this is amazing! I can only imagine how mangled mine would look if I were to attempt this. For now I give all the toilet paper tubes to the gerbils to chew on. But any way to reduce, reuse, recycle, re-purpose should make you feel like a pioneer without wanting to shoot yourself. I'm sure plenty of them felt that way at times. Or at least that's how the photos made them look.