Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Myriad! {Linky Party}

Christmas time is the perfect time for Holiday Crafts!  I have been going crazy with my 'no-sew' projects lately, and I think my mom noticed, because she got me a sewing machine for Christmas!  I got it early because she had it sent to my house.  Thank you Mom! No more no-sew projects for me!  As soon as I received my sewing machine, I decided to tackle my first quilt!  I googled "easy quilts for beginners" and found this page, which had amazing step by step instructions for a beginner quilter on a rag quilt.  It was so easy and so fun, I finished it in 2 days, or about 10 hours!  A rag quilt looks like a normal quilt on the back, has fleece or flannel in the middle, and all the edges are "ragged" on the front.  Here is what my rag quilt looks like:
Front folded on top of back
Front of my quilt 
Also, Just wanted to shout out to Brooke at The Silver Lining, and tell everyone about her GIVEAWAY!!! Yeeeyaya! So check out her blog, it is amazing!

Here are some awesome crafts that I thought were worth sharing!  
Babblingsandmore made a darling Nativity Block, which I need to make, seeing as I have 0 nativities.  
and Meggan from lilagrace made amazing DIY Cable Knit Sweater Tree Topiaries, so fun!
So now, for the first time ever, I am having a linky party!  I really want to see what you are up to, so please post a link!  It can be your adventures, thoughts, crafts, or anything.  I have utilized linky parties many times, and it has gotten a lot of traffic to my blog. 
Party Rules:
1. Click "Join this site" on the top left of my blog to become a new follower of The Allred Abode
2. Link directly to your post, so we will know what exactly you are sharing.
3. Post the "Myriad Monday" button under your post, or please link back to The Allred Abode in the post your are sharing.   
4. Click on a few others' links and leave them a comment! Maybe we can generate a few blogger friendships out of this.
5. Head on back next week to see if you were featured!

The Allred Abode

Thank you to everyone who participates, and for the ladies I've featured, here is a badge for your blog!  Feel free to put it on your sidebar or blog post! (and if you need a different size for any button, don't hesitate to ask!)
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