Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Those Darn Kids of Mine! (who I love so so so much)

It's 40 degrees and the kids start begging to go outside, so I in my super laziness tell Amelia she has to go find pants and socks and shoes and a jacket, since of course she is wearing the weirdest thing she could find in her closet, and DEFINITELY is way season inappropriate.  She sort of tries, and I finally cave and help her put on the clothes she has found, go upstairs to get socks, and let her and Noah outside.  Forgot to mention Noah started out in a diaper, because somehow all under 2-year-olds always seem to be in just a diaper when they need to be fully clothed, right?

Well I decide I kind of want to do a blog post where I say "this is what my kids actually look like" and "this is what we actually do most days" and "I want to test out my camera that Nick always bugs me he spent way too much money on and I don't use enough." So here we are - in all of our normal glory.

If you want to see where I get most of my views from parenting, check out this webpage: https://www.mormon.org/beliefs/parenting

I dare you to document these kind of things with your kids. Heck, even get the big nice camera out, it's kinda fun after all.
He could be a dead grass ghillie suit! Where was this photo when we were choosing his name. Come Grassy, Sit Dead Grass!

Chasing Pup who has their ball and is about to pop it, which will inevitably cause major tantrums and then we'll all be back inside

Jumping! to test out my camera :)

Noah - because you can't forget Noah!

Monday, January 30, 2017

SW Repose Gray Dining Room pictures and review

I did it! We have been home owners for 9 months, and I finally painted a room! And I didn't even test the color first 🙀! Crazy, I know. Well, to be fair, my neighbor tested colors and we have a home that Faces in the same direction, so I knew hoped that Repose Gray would be beautiful in my home too.

After we painted at the beginning of January, the sun didn't shine for 4 days.  I thought the color was wayyy too dark. Nick even said he wished I had picked a lighter color of gray, and I said "I literally picked the lightest color of true gray that SW had!" Finally when it wasn't a super gray January day and some sun showed through, the color was magnificent! I love it! If that fear of Repose Gray being dark is going to scare you off from a color, just know that seriously only bright white paint will not look dark in a room on a gloomy day, and will end up way too stark most of the time.

An article I loved about Repose Gray and that introduced me to LRV (light reflective value) is right here. She talks all about undertones, why Repose Gray is such an awesome color, and other things that will help me with my next paint projects.

After the room was painted I hung 2 kitchen cabinet windows that I purchased for 2 dollars each at the Cornelius Habitat for Humanity ReStore (my absolute favorite store for the last couple of years). I painted them with what I had around the house which was leftover painted from when we painted our shutters in the Fall (SW Sea Serpent).

When I hung the windows, it was just too many straight lines, straight windows on straight windows, so I needed something to soften it up.  I found a hanging faux boxwood ball for 7.99 at Hobby Lobby, came home and pulled it apart to make 2! Vwa-la! Is that how you spell that??

Also in the room is my ReStore China Hutch that I painted Behr Writing Paper, which I read online was a close match to Annie Sloan Old White, and the inside of the Hutch is painted Classic Silver, which is close enough to Annie Sloan Paris Gray for me!

Let's get to the pictures of my new favorite room in the house...

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Million Kisses, an introduction

When Amelia was a baby, I held her and kissed her head repetitively, and knew that I would do everything in my power to make her know she was loved. I spent all day in bed with her as a newborn, just napping, nursing, and snacking. We'd play, hang out, and I'd look at my phone while she was sleeping if I wasn't asleep myself. It was the LIFE, amiright??? We had a small apartment, not too much stuff, and we had Amelia.

When we moved into a rental home, (with our very own backyard!) Noah came along soon after. Now we were suddenly a real family, with real responsibilities, and I suddenly had to juggle two kids! I'd wonder to myself if I'd ever be able to give enough love to Noah as I had been able to give Amelia when we were just 3 of us, and I really didn't know at that time. I would give him kisses on his head repetitively just as I had with Amelia, but this time I did it in an anxious sort of way, hoping that the love would come from the kisses instead of the kisses coming from the love as they had with her. I'd find myself thinking that I needed to give Noah just as many kisses as I had Amelia, and sometimes I'd sit there on my bed kissing the top of his head for a minute straight hoping that somehow this could prove that I loved him just as much and could give him just as much as I had given to Amelia, even though my time had to be so much more divided now than it used to be.

Time went by, and now Noah isn't a newborn anymore, and I'm not quite as neurotic (ok FINE, I am, just about different things) and I have proven to myself that I can love my two children just as much as the other, and have embraced tried to embrace, that things will be different with each child. I won't be able to have the same experiences.  I used to think I was betraying Amelia by having a second child, and no matter what anyone told me while I was expecting and had him as a newborn, I couldn't shake that feeling. It really wasn't until a few months ago, seeing them really, truly play together that I knew I made the right choice to have 2 kids so close in age.

These days, we have an even bigger house to take care of, a (disturbingly destructive) puppy, bigger callings in church, and new adventures coming from all directions all the time.  

Through all of life's ups and downs though, I'm convinced that I will be able to give my kids "a million kisses" until they won't let me anymore.

I hope you read along with me as I share our story.

Also, I want to know so I don't feel alone: What neuroses did you have in your head with your kids? Mine are too many to name!