Monday, January 30, 2017

SW Repose Gray Dining Room pictures and review

I did it! We have been home owners for 9 months, and I finally painted a room! And I didn't even test the color first 🙀! Crazy, I know. Well, to be fair, my neighbor tested colors and we have a home that Faces in the same direction, so I knew hoped that Repose Gray would be beautiful in my home too.

After we painted at the beginning of January, the sun didn't shine for 4 days.  I thought the color was wayyy too dark. Nick even said he wished I had picked a lighter color of gray, and I said "I literally picked the lightest color of true gray that SW had!" Finally when it wasn't a super gray January day and some sun showed through, the color was magnificent! I love it! If that fear of Repose Gray being dark is going to scare you off from a color, just know that seriously only bright white paint will not look dark in a room on a gloomy day, and will end up way too stark most of the time.

An article I loved about Repose Gray and that introduced me to LRV (light reflective value) is right here. She talks all about undertones, why Repose Gray is such an awesome color, and other things that will help me with my next paint projects.

After the room was painted I hung 2 kitchen cabinet windows that I purchased for 2 dollars each at the Cornelius Habitat for Humanity ReStore (my absolute favorite store for the last couple of years). I painted them with what I had around the house which was leftover painted from when we painted our shutters in the Fall (SW Sea Serpent).

When I hung the windows, it was just too many straight lines, straight windows on straight windows, so I needed something to soften it up.  I found a hanging faux boxwood ball for 7.99 at Hobby Lobby, came home and pulled it apart to make 2! Vwa-la! Is that how you spell that??

Also in the room is my ReStore China Hutch that I painted Behr Writing Paper, which I read online was a close match to Annie Sloan Old White, and the inside of the Hutch is painted Classic Silver, which is close enough to Annie Sloan Paris Gray for me!

Let's get to the pictures of my new favorite room in the house...

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