Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Those Darn Kids of Mine! (who I love so so so much)

It's 40 degrees and the kids start begging to go outside, so I in my super laziness tell Amelia she has to go find pants and socks and shoes and a jacket, since of course she is wearing the weirdest thing she could find in her closet, and DEFINITELY is way season inappropriate.  She sort of tries, and I finally cave and help her put on the clothes she has found, go upstairs to get socks, and let her and Noah outside.  Forgot to mention Noah started out in a diaper, because somehow all under 2-year-olds always seem to be in just a diaper when they need to be fully clothed, right?

Well I decide I kind of want to do a blog post where I say "this is what my kids actually look like" and "this is what we actually do most days" and "I want to test out my camera that Nick always bugs me he spent way too much money on and I don't use enough." So here we are - in all of our normal glory.

If you want to see where I get most of my views from parenting, check out this webpage: https://www.mormon.org/beliefs/parenting

I dare you to document these kind of things with your kids. Heck, even get the big nice camera out, it's kinda fun after all.
He could be a dead grass ghillie suit! Where was this photo when we were choosing his name. Come Grassy, Sit Dead Grass!

Chasing Pup who has their ball and is about to pop it, which will inevitably cause major tantrums and then we'll all be back inside

Jumping! to test out my camera :)

Noah - because you can't forget Noah!

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