Thursday, February 16, 2017

Baby Girl "Gardner" Baby Shower

There's a saying on my Dad's side of the family and it's one of those ones that we all use and no one remembers the story except mom. When something is pink it's "too pink for Twila." Apparently Twila is my ancestor and back in the day when you ordered things from catalogs someone wanted to know if the dress was "too pink for Twila?" for the people working at the catalog company. Mom, is this in any way shape or form corrrct? Either way, this baby shower was DEFINITELY TOO PINK FOR TWILA!

My dear friend had a baby girl! She was born 4 months ago, but I wanted to document the baby shower we gave her in August. Her last name is "Gardner" so we thought it would he so perfect to have lots of flowers to make it into a garden theme.  I found tons of clearance succulents so I knew those would be perfect for the garden theme as well. So pink, succulents, and flowers - you can't go wrong with any of those. Unfortunately for my blog and my memory, a lot of the pictures taken that night have really horrible yellow
lighting. I am working on my photography skills :/

This was definitely a group effort! My neighbor made a gorgeous diaper cake decorated in headbands, another friend made a "naked" cake with a floral arrangement and cricut gold cut out on top, the other hostess and I made our "flower shutter wall" and we topped it off with our giant "BABY" balloons. Oh and I can't forget the floral balloon cloud! It covered my ugly light fixture in my kitchen, so it was doubly awesome. We tied balloons together on a string, then taped the bejeebers out of them onto the light fixture above my island. When the balloons were all up, we stuck little bunches of flowers into them all around til we were out of flowers, and let's just say we had a lot of flower

I also spent weeks collecting teacups at thrift stores for my succulent favor, and did a quick tape-a-roo of a laminated sign to a toothpick that read "Thanks for helping us celebrate the newest flower in the Gardner bunch!" Not going to lie I agonized over how to make sure my clever "Gardner" got in there. Sometimes I'm insane, we'll just leave that there.

We played the candy bar shower game (pinterest it), wrote motivational notes on diapers for the mom-to-be, ate fruit pizzas (and a few savory snacks as well) and cut the cake near the end before presents. It was such a fun night, and I was so happy to have my first big event in my new house and to celebrate a new baby girl (because let's be honest it's much more fun to dress a girl than a boy.)

If you are interested in making some of these flowers, I used my silhouette to cut them mostly. But we made the largest ones from hand, and they are super cute, so those would work with regular scissors.  I used this Queen Anne rose, this 3D cherry blossom, some pink tissue paper pom poms I had on hand, and this Giant Paper Flower from thesitsgirls (which is the one you can make with scissors.) I used a few different shades of pink and cream, and put a few forest green paper leaves on there as well, which I printed from the free designs on my silhouette software.

When the party was over, we split the flowers we made up between me, the other hostess and the mom-to-be. I used my third of the flowers to decorate above Amelia's bed. It's made her room so cute! I sold my thrifted shutters 😭, but I can find some other time I hope.

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