Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Easter Egg Wreath Tutorial

I am obsessed with my new wreath, just ask everyone I've already sent a picture of it to and then expected them to compliment me, because it's true, I love attention :) Just trying to be real here.

Ok, here we go! I actually came up with something by myself! Well, if you're going to be technical, which I know you are you judgmental thing, at least partially by myself.  I saw a wreath like this and tried to copy it, but the WAY I accomplished that inexpensively, was my OWN idea!

I call it "FAUX paper mache eggs." Thats right, the real paper mache eggs are 3 dollars for 5 for the absolute cheapest I could find them, and then of course those are just the tiny small ones.  And of course hobby lobby only stocks 2 packs at a time, so therefore I could only buy 10 eggs for a project I need 18 eggs for, and not even the right size at that.  There are expensive wooden eggs (which the definitely won't sell enough of), amazon,, and others but when I get the urge to do something, I want it done today! I'm definitely not a perfectionist, I am a...not perfectionist.  You can quote me on that.

Just in case its not obvious to you, the point of making them look like they are made of paper is because plastic eggs on a wreath look well...plastic, and there is a big seam down that middle that just isn't that attractive in a wreath.

So... tutorial.

List of Supplies:
Grapevine wreath (4 dollars and a really weird cent number because that's how weird walmart pricing is)
12 Jumbo Easter eggs (not in supply picture, 1.99 Hobby Lobby)
6 regular Easter eggs (24 pack 1.99 Hobby Lobby)
Pastel Paint colors AND WHITE/CREAM paint (50 cents each walmart)
Rough surface thin masking tape (needs to NOT be slick, so it will hold paint) (1-2 dollars)
Paint brushes
3 Yards Ribbon (not pictured in supplies picture, mine was 2.97 at walmart)
Florals and sprigs (.97 cents at walmart and 4 dollars at Hobby Lobby)
Hot glue gun and probably 3-5 sticks

Amelia displaying Easter Eggs

Amelia stealing Easter Eggs to be scattered across house

Now for the fun part - I mean the part that will make your pointer fingers raw - FAUX-ing the easter eggs into "paper" mache.  Come on! Get to it! Don't even think about going the expensive route, Hobby Lobby is only going to be carrying half as many as you need anyways! 

Step one, tape the egg shut horizontal like this: 

Step 2: Tear off strips of tape and put them horizontally down the egg, over the entire egg, until it is all covered in tape.  Press down with your finger as you go so paint can't seep under it.

Pretty soon it will be ready to paint, and look like this - basking it all its paper-mache glory.

Now, do this to 12 jumbo eggs, and 6 regular eggs.  Then, mix your paint. I ended up using mostly white and only some color because I wanted mine really pastel.  Put white down on a paper plate, then slowly add paint until you've got a pastel color you like. I did green, purple, pink, blue and yellow.  My inspiration wreath was much lighter than what I ended up with.  Mixing paint can be fun, come on, admit it. 

Let your eggs dry for awhile. Go away and stop obsessing about them.  and make sure they are out of reach of 1 and 3 year olds. You may have to touch them up as they are drying because there is no good way to paint an egg and not get finger marks on it.  But if you do happen to come up with one let me know. 

Now, comes the fun hot glue part! Glue down your eggs in teams of three evenly spaced over your wreath, leaving space for the bow on top. 2 jumbo on outside, 1 baby egg on inside.  This can be a bit tricky since you are gluing to a grapevine, but I have faith you can figure it out. 

Now, make your bow and glue it on there.  If you don't know how to make a pretty bow, you're out of luck.  Just kidding, head on over to youtube and watch a few videos and get inspired.  Pretty soon next year's Christmas Tree will be bow-tastic. 

Now come the frilly fill-in floral.  Separate your florals into small sprigs and evenly stick and glue them in all the brown areas. 

Yay, you did it! Please if you do this let me know how it turned out! I would like figuratively DIE to know someone did this besides me!


Amanda Worsham said...

I love it!

Rose Mont said...

It looks great! I love a good easy project. This would be cheaper if I didn't just throw out some of those pesky eggs the other day, lol.

Katie Allred said...

Aww thank you so much Amanda!!!!

Katie Allred said...

Hahaha! They are pesky! I keep finding them in the weirdest places hidden by my kids. Thank you so much for reading :)