Friday, March 17, 2017

Breakfast Nook Level UP

I've finished decorating my breakfast area. This is where the majority of our meals are eaten, and where we spend a lot of our time, so I wanted to make it cute.  The best thing that has happened in this area is that my vertical blinds are gone! To me, vertical blinds scream "rental!!," so I was beyond happy to get rid of them since we own our home now.  I had to have something cover my sliding glass doors because they let in a lot of heat in the summer and a lot of cold in the winter. I have been seeing pins on pinterest and reading articles (like this one) about about how to make a space seem taller and bigger, and floor to ceiling curtains are at the top of the list.  They draw the eye up and make everything seem bright and open.

The tallest curtains most stores sell are 96 inches, which is 8 feet.  Well my ceilings are 9 feet, and I was very close to buying some 96 inch ones, but I decided I really wanted to go all the way (up) on this and do the 9 foot curtains.  I bought upholstery fabric and had some stitch witch on hand (if you love crafting but don't enjoy sewing and have never heard of this, google it and buy it now!) so I made myself some no-sew curtains.  3 hours of ironing later (it seems), and my curtains were ready to hang.  I didn't "hem" the top because I just folded them back until they were just a tiny bit away from the ground and clipped them into the curtain ring clips.  So my curtains were no-sew and no-measure, an imperfectionists dream come true!

Since there was now a huge space between the top of my sliding glass doors and my curtain rod, it was a perfect place for more wall art (this space is absolutely filled with art I realize, but if there's one thing I don't claim to be it's a minimalist.) Anyways, for above my doors I made a "Gather" sign.  I went searching in my garage for the right-sized piece of wood and I found a shelf from my kitchen the previous owner had put in there. So I taped it off to make a separation for a faux-frame and used some Valspar Antique Glaze to make fake wood grain marks and then used some cream paint for the middle part of the sign.  I used my silhouette to cut the "Gather" text in the "Contribute" font.  I found this font for free on Pinterest and it's one of my favorites for sure. I have already done a post on my breakfast buffet here, so there's details on my decor and buffet there.

The Mason jar box I made last weekend at my church's Super Saturday craft day, and all I had to do was stain the box and paint and distress my jars. I'm so lucky! You can find an awesome tutorial for those here.

I found a couple of botanical prints at the Cornelius reStore, probably my favorite store of all time. I think I'm going to do a post of all the things I have purchased there, which is definitely at least one thing in every room of my house.

My dining table my sister-in-law gave to us when we first moved to NC, and it was a deep red wood. Before I had Amelia I reupholstered the chairs, and then last year Nick and I refinished the top and stained it Jacobean brown from Minwax, and painted the bottom and all 6 chairs an off-white color. The chairs and tables get so much use and so much scrubbing they have kind of shabby-chiced themselves.

Last thing - we also found the chandelier at our Habitat for Humanity reStore for 25 dollars :) what used to be there was just... not cute at all.  Now we have so much light as they hold 5 full sized light bulbs! A note about lightbulbs from my mom who is obsessed with having the right kind of light in a room - buy "Reveal" light bulbs.  They come in different wattage, and all of them have been amazing.  Just the perfect mix of warm and cool for any location, and they actually give off enough light (insert hand clap emoji)!


Hopefully in the next few years we will be able to paint this area, but for now I can move on! Happy Day! Here are two more shots :)

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Lisa said...

You did a beautiful job! I love the curtains!