Monday, March 6, 2017

Easter Bunny Sign - With Paint Sticks

I got this idea and totally copied the look from this website, and definitely want to give credit. Check it out for her tutorial!

However, when I was on this blog and tried to find the *exact* bunny silhouette, it was nowhere to be found and the link to the silhouette store was broken.. The silhouette design store no longer sells it! So I made one myself that is very similar to this bunny, just slightly different and with a little more meat on his bones :). I had to be very careful in my selection of bunnies, to make sure not to pick one that represents some naughty magazine or something... E-mail me if you'd like the silhouette file!

To cut the silhouette of the bunny, I wanted something that was paint resistant, because we will be using this as a free craft for our crafting event this Saturday, so I thought of what materials I had on hand to cut on my silhouette that wouldn't absorb the paint, and decided on using laminating sheets pulled apart! Now I have lots of plastic bunny stencils! Oh the possibilities!

To glue the stir sticks together, I used two sticks on the back long ways against the wood., I used hot glue down one side of the stir stick and wood glue down the other, so the hot glue would dry fast, and the wood glue would make the project last over time. I held them down really tight for a couple of minutes and then I had my board ready to paint!

I used white craft paint mixed with a bit of pink and a tiny dot of gray for the background, and painted the bunny cream.. All of my paint I purchased from the 50 cent paints at Walmart. I used 5 gallon paint stir sticks and cut them down to 12 inches with my mini electric jigsaw, and then sanded the rough edge a bit.

First I painted the background and let it dry. When it was dry, I positioned the stencil evenly on the glued together project, painted inward so no paint would seep under the stencil, and when all the edges were done, I lifted the stencil up and away and finished filling out the bunny with the cream paint. Clear as mud? Cool! Just hold the stencil in place and don't let paint seep under it too much, and call it good!

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