Thursday, April 6, 2017

3 Dollar Easter Centerpiece + Dollar Store Easter Tablescape

Are you hosting Easter this year? We are having my sister and her family over, so I think this will be the first time I host an Easter dinner, yay! I have no idea what I am going to do for food, which is reason number 401 why I don't have a food blog.  However, I do know how to decorate for a party :)
I had this vague idea of doing a "Easter Tree" for an Easter centerpiece on my table, and have seen some really cute stuff on Pinterest, so when we came upon some crepe myrtle tree trimmings sitting in a friend's yard, I snatched a few up and put them in my trunk.  I knew that the Dollar Tree had some cute Easter stuff in the past, so we headed there to see if anything would work.  I found these bags of glitter eggs in three different shades, and my plan was "hatched" - get it?

I used my white pitcher from target that I purchased a few months back (they are still selling it and it's a great price if you've been wanting one) wrapped with some twine on it, arranged the limbs in it, and then hot glued the eggs on wherever I deemed fit. 

The centerpiece took me 10 minutes of work, and cost 3 dollars.  Boom.  Now that's the kind of project I love.  

As far as the other things in my Easter "tablescape," I purchased square pink plates as a pseudo charger/placemat (and to pile more food onto), and round "Happy Easter" plates to put on top.  

I also purchased 4 white hydrangea bushels and put two each into chalk-painted white mason jars and bought 2 yellow dollar chick centerpieces from the dollar tree too.  I put the extra glitter balls into one of my glass jars for looks and to try to keep them from being spread all over the house by my kids (unsuccessfully).

Happy Easter! Now....what to actually cook???


Emily said...

In the words of Barbie..."That's amaze"

Erin said...

Love it!!!! Especially the tiny eggs. Make me one, and then store it at your house the rest of the year too! ��