Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Styling Freshly Picked Moccs with Spring Outfits

Our Freshly Picked Moccasins came! Wahoo! The two colors I got were "Flower Power" for Amelia and "Emerald" for Noah from Freshly Picked's new Flower Power line.

For Noah: I was worried Emerald moccs might be too girly, but I was wrong! They go perfectly with lots of his clothes. Also, I just love that Freshly Picked Moccs stay on his feet and that he will actually wear them because Noah LOVES to go shoe-less (second child syndrome).  For Noah's outfit, I headed to Old Navy and found a cute shirt, and then later when Noah hated his shirt we had bought there, we found a couple of t-shirts at Gymboree that we used one of, instead of the original one from Old Navy Noah had deemed uncomfortable. Here are the shirts we bought to add to Noah's wardrobe from Gymboree: (which is the only thing in his wardrobe that isn't a hand-me-down.)  The original shirt was the Chambray one we hoped he would like.

The pants for Noah came from Old Navy, and I love that they are soft! Is it just me or do girls usually get to wear comfy leggings and soft pants and baby boys clothes usually are really hard inflexible pants?  I'm so happy I found lots of stretchy pants somewhere that don't bother Noah. They are called Kangaroo-pocket Slub-knit pants for Toddler Boys, very specific! I also saw they go up to 5T, so I'm excited about that.    Just as a last note about Noah's outfit, I decided to stick to more muted boy colors since we went with such bright colored shoes.  As a general rule for boys, if I pick a color that's usually a color tending to be reserved for girls like say a pink polo shirt, then it's good to stick to mainly boy colors besides that so people don't mistake them for the wrong gender :)

Here's Noah's final look - 

For Amelia: I let her pick her own dress from anything in the store and THANKFULLY it went perfectly with her new Freshly Picked Moccasins! I made the mistake? of telling her that she had flower shoes coming in the mail since Noah's shoes came first, and she asked me 30 times a day if they were here yet for the few days in between our shoes getting here.  So no question she loves her new shoes so much, and it definitely doesn't hurt that they are so comfy.  I'm so glad she chose something that was a solid color so all the glory can go to her cute Flower Power shoes.  We also picked up a 3 dollar headband from Target's dollar section a couple of weeks ago in their Easter Decor/Basket section.

The dress is a little brighter in person and goes perfectly with the shoes. (PS this dress also comes in purple, perfect Easter Dress!) This dress is called Tutu Dress for Toddler Girls, and Amelia calls it her ballerina dress because she's smart like that.  

Here is Amelia in all her Flower Power Spring Glory: 

We went to UNC Charlotte Campus' botanical gardens to get these amazing backdrops in our photos.  When we got there, Amelia said she was "nervous" which is code for "I'm trying to get on your nerves" and refused to cooperate AT ALL! The first 50 shots I took she had a pouty look and was acting like a total 3 year old, so rude right? Finally, she started throwing little rocks into the pond right there and saying it was a sea monster.  I was able to get her to pretend to protect Noah from the sea monster (the hugging shots) and even put on her headband which she had been refusing to wear so she could be protected from this sea monster.  That sea monster was probably the best thing that ever happened to my photography! 

Now, more shots of them together saving each other from the sea monster!
Strong Arms!

Thank you Freshly Picked for helping my kids be so darn cute!


Emily said...

They are so cute and you are such a good photographer!!

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

The thing about the Flower Power moccs is that I thought they'd be hard to match since they are such a specific color scheme. But then it was actually super easy to match because no matter which color I chose for my Addison (purple, pink, yellow, green, basically the entire technicolor dream coat) they all matched! Just another reason to love Freshly Picked moccs.