Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cider Jug Decor + ideas

Hey Friends! I decided to one-up myself and go from my 3 dollar Easter Centerpiece and do a 1 dollar centerpiece this week.  My living room is kind of like beige on beige on beige on brown, so I always need to add some color in there. Eventually I will paint it something that's not beige, but for now I try to add color in my decor with flowers or plants.  I usually have a vase with bright pink flowers but it has been MIA lately (I blame the children), so I wanted to add something else. I have had my eye on a Fiddle-leaf fig for a while to add to the room, but I just can't decide if I want to go that direction yet. Enter glass jug I got for one dollar (!) strawberry picking this week.  Now that I think about it I realize you can get a glass jug for FREE if you just buy the cider, but I have never thought of that before, ok???

I went out to the backyard and trimmed a few branches of my neighbor's tree that was hanging into my yard, and voila I have a one-dollar centerpiece.  Ok, fine...I was fibbing...I spent a few dollars on the basket I ended up using underneath the jar to take up more space.  Don't hate me, please? I got the basket/tray at Wal-mart, and I'm pretty sure they still sell it.  I would rather have something that looked like this, but that's ok. Eventually I can try to go more formal in my house, but I have tried to embrace the casual look, which is much easier to keep up with children.

Here's my finished product:

P.S. that coffee table I got at the ReStore and I used ASCP in Old White to repaint it. It looks brighter in the picture because it's a bit over-exposed.

My mirror is from Kirkland's, and my mom saw it and like begged me to paint it. Mom, it's suppossseeedd to look like that!

Also, I bought 2 more cider jugs! For some inspiration, I've rounded up a few ideas to decorate other ways if I decide to do a little sum'n sum'n later with these.  Obviously these ideas could be done with any sort of see-through jar :)

1. DIY tiki torch - I am actually tempted to try this because I think the flames would keep the mosquitoes away, and they are already out in the south :'(

2. Cider Jug Terrarium - so cool and so pretty! Here is the tutorial 

3. DIY Bottle Lamp - I REALLYYYYY want to do this!!! And I could even use my silhouette to do like "Allred Orchards" on the bottle.  I'm already making this in my head so stay tuned.  Here is the tutorial from Shades of Blue Interiors

4. Chicken wire jug decor - just found this on Pinterest, and it took me to the Park Hill Collection website. Super cute idea, and it makes such a cute farmhouse decoration. I can also see this with nautical rope/webbing for a beach themed room.

5. DIY "Vintage" Jars - One Good Thing By Jillee (and a slew of other blogs) teach us how to blue tint glass jars to give them that darling vintage look.  Jillee gives directions with for something that is permanent, and dishwasher safe, although probably more expensive and using something you don't have around your house.  I'm still tempted to try it though! Here is her tutorial

There you have it! So many things I want to try, so little time! This weekend there was so little time because I spent like 10 hours canning strawberry jam.  I felt like a pioneer, but also I wanted to shoot myself - a strange combination I know.  It's done though!!!! so many hours of work and like 12 jars of jam... uneven trade off for sure.  And now I just HAVE to make a bunch of homemade bread because we all know homemade jam just isn't the same unless it's on homemade bread.  

Hope you have fun with all your glass decorating! 

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Elissa said...

This is great! I love your commentary to your mom in there--some people just don't understand the appeal of distressed surfaces. And I think it's brilliant that you are finding low-cost ways to fancy your surroundings. I go through phases of chalk-painting thrift store finds, but I tend to gunk up the spaces I have with too much fru-fru. I love your jug vase because it's simple, understated and adds just the right way for the natural chaos of a plant to complete the room. I felt calm looking at it, like someone had placed their prized Bonsai tree before me, and yet, it came from the neighbor's tree, making it free and replaceable (and totally yours if it was over the fence!). So I still get to relax knowing that when my children borrow it to feed to their pandas in their made-up bamboo forest, I haven't lost anything precious. Great ideas for the nautical and farmhouse look as well. Time for me to drink up!