Thursday, May 18, 2017

Easy Chalkboard Chicken Wire Kitchen Organizer

Hey hey hey! Another 2 dollar project! Guess what the I fashioned this note organizer/chalkboard out of? A cabinet face! I picked up a few of these (that included the drawer fronts) from my local habitat for Humanity ReStore for 2 dollars each. I originally wanted to use the drawer fronts as a little frame to put some key hooks and knobs on to hang things from in my kitchen, but I came up with a way to use the cabinet faces as well that I like even more than my original idea. See it always works out to just buy lots of random crap at thrift stores even when your husband begs you not to! (ok fine I have a problem) But that aside, at least I made use of this random purchase!

Here's how I did it:

First, I think this could easily be adapted to a picture frame or made with pallet wood as well.

To make it, first I found some thin wood and cut it the shape of the top two openings plus at least 1/2 on each side to be stapled on later. Then I painted the wood with chalkboard paint and set that aside to let it dry.

For the bottom chicken wire part, I stretched out my chicken wire and unmangled it (google is telling me this isn't a word, but I'm pretty sure it should be for the action that describes what you have to do to get chickenwire to cooperate) and got it to be stretched out and then layed it flat (lied flat???). Then I used wire cutter to cut all the little edges to fit the opening of my bottom row on my cabinet face.

Then I got out my staple gun, loaded 'er up and got to it. I individually stapled down all the loose wires so that nothing would be pulled down or loose.

When the chalk paint was dry I did a second coat, let that dry, then stapled it on chalk paint side down.

This project was so easy, and so perfect for some inexpensive and somewhat fun and functional home decor. Currently the one in my kitchen reads "Let us all speak kind words to each other" and I think it's actually been working! My kids don't read yet so you can guess that the kind words need to be coming from me...

Who's excited for Summer? I'm excited for swimming and the beach but not the mosquitos who seem to really be enamored with me and the humidity and heat that I could just generally go without all year long.

P.S. it's Noah's birthday on Saturday, what the heck my baby is going to be 2!

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