Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lemon Wreath Tutorial

It is a dreary day here - drizzle, rain, sticky.  And my day has not been very fun.  It was just one of those bad Mom days where I woke up before I wanted to, my kids were horrible at the grocery store, we got home and they were still horrible so I yelled and made one of them cry.  Then the other one wouldn't take a nap... So now we have just retreated to the T.V. for the rest of the day because I have nothing left. It is fitting I made a lemon wreath because I am in a sour mood.   

I did at least finish up this wreath today, although I did 90% of the work last night so I'm not sure I can even give any credit to this not-so-great day. But typing this out is already helping me get into a better mood so the Daniel Tiger show parenting my children is worth it, right?

Well then, let's get to it! 

First, I collected my supplies.  And I did that all from my phone! Amazon same-day shipping that is.  I ordered these at like 11:45 AM, and they were at my door by 6:30 PM

Supply List:
Black and White Ribbon - Amazon Again (You ideally should use wired ribbon, it just looks so much nicer)
Twine, Wire, or thick string of some sort
Large Wire Wreath Form - mine is the biggest one wal-mart sells. Its got to be at least 20 inches big. 
Hobby Lobby bunch of artificial baby's breath-like florals (not pictured)
Metal Wire (like the really thin kind you hang pictures with) (not pictured)
Wire cutters (not pictured)
Scissors (not pictured - wow I really suck at this point at taking supplies pictures)
Hot Glue Gun and - Pictured!

Now, if you are too lazy to go find your wire cutters, yank really hard and try to separate the greenery into individual stems.  If you find your wire cutters, cut the stems apart leaving as long of a wire edge as you can and your hands will thank you later by not giving you carpal tunnel in a few years.

Now, start wrapping the wire around the wreath form and securing as tightly as possible.  After you've done about a quarter of the stems, count how many you've used and see if you need to space them apart more or if you can fit more onto the space you've already done.  You will use the white flowers later to fill in the gaps where the metal is showing through.

Now attach your lemons! There are lots of ways to do this.  The easiest but also most likely to get you, your table, and others burned is to use a hot glue gun.  If you go this route, you'll have to hot glue onto the leaves and the metal, because it might easily come off the metal.  

Another method (that I ended up using) is to thread some wire into the back of the lemon until its pretty lodged in there.  String the wire tail that is hanging from the lemon wire around the wreath form as tightly as you can without pulling out the wire from the wreath.  If the wire comes out of the lemon thread it through into a new place and really get that sucker in there. 

I tried to do a needle and thread but could never get my needle to come back out of the lemon.  If you have a curved needle this would do the trick, but I don't have one and refused leave my house for reasons mentioned at the top of this post.  

Then add some of those little white flowers to hide any spots that are showing the wreath form.  Or I you don't want more than just green and yellow on your wreath add more greenery. 

Lastly make and attach your ribbon.  There are SO many great tutorials on ribbons on youtube, and I plan on doing one sometime, but just make a cute bow if you don't think you can do a fancy one and call it good.  Wrap some wire around the ribbon then secure it to your wreath form.  

If anything is loose, use more wire or hot glue to secure it into place. Yay! You just made a wreath for wayyyyy less money than it would cost you on Etsy (which is the only place I've seen a wreath this cute).

P.S. My knocker is from Anthropologie - and it's two little lovebirds that kiss every time they are knocked together.  Kind of my favorite. I hope everyone's day is going better than mine! Go forth and decorate!

P.P.S If you are still reading this the TV is off and my kids are happily playing, so maybe things are looking up? Stay tuned.

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