Friday, May 19, 2017

Noah is 2!

Noah is turning 2 tomorrow! He started talking this year and has really exploded with words starting in 2017. He says 5 word sentences all the time, and is always impressing me, so I've felt like he was 2 for a while now.

Here's some of my favorite things Noah does lately:

Ends most sentences with "me." It can be anything - "I'm all done me." "I want more me." "get away me" My favorite is "I burps me"

Loves pickles! This one just amuses me so much because Nick ABHORS pickles. Noah asks for a pickle multiple times a day.  Should I be worried he has a vitamin deficiency??

Obsessed with everything boy, but pink is also his favorite color.  Ok fine pink is actually the only color he actually knows.  But he loves trains (he used to call these choo choo trucks and it made me more happy than anything ever has and it was one of those things I was so sad he learned) and , mario, balls, trucks, being outside and of course watching daddy play video games.

Only in the last 2 months or so has Noah FINALLY sat down to watch a show.  Before this, he completely ignored the TV and it made me happy but also sometimes irritated that he could never be distracted by it when I desperately needed to get something done.

He and Amelia play so well together.  He goes along with all of her games and follows her around and they are best friends. This truly makes my heart melt, and life so much better in general (as long as they are not fighting which happens a lot too).

Loves his Daddy so much but I would say he is primarily a Mama's boy.  He still loves to nurse, prefers to sleep next to me, wants me to hold him all the time, and likes to be near me in general.  I will relish this while it lasts.

Still takes a nap nearly every day! I LOVE this about Noah!

Didn't scream through every swimming lesson unlike his sibling who will not be named. And he actually enjoyed himself and did the activities for the most part.  It's so fun to have a baby who will participate!

Just so easy going and is ready and willing to do whatever anyone is doing and participate in whatever.

Last of all he is just SO. DANG. CUTE. I mean, perfect those eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hair, skin, and everything else. But he really does have the softest skin.  Can you tell I just really love him? I can't wait to watch him grow up this next year and learn even more every day.

Happy Birthday Noah!

PS Noah is getting a scooter, a Blaze toy, and a remote control car as presents :)

Noah off to work!


Emily said...

What a beautiful post about your darling son! I love him too

Erin said...

Oh my gosh, I love Noah, too! What a beautiful son!