Sunday, June 25, 2017

Kids' Playroom Update + Chalkboard Table

Hey Hey Hey! I've been spending a little bit of time sprucing up my kids' playroom.  The room we decided to make a playroom is the designated "office" according to my home's floorplan. Since I prefer to be super unorganized and I like my papers flying around my house like something out of a Harry Potter movie, we changed it up and made the office into a kid's playroom instead.

The playroom is the first room on the left when you enter my house behind a set of french doors.  The windows are see-through (duh), so eventually I want to buy this cool window privacy film from Amazon so that when it becomes a total mess in there, I can just shut the doors and forget about life for a while (and my kids).

The main big ticket items in my playroom are the kids' craft table and teepee.  My sister-in-law gave me the kids craft table and chairs when she was moving away so the only one I actually purchased was this Teepee from Amazon.  It was actually the first ever review I've written on Amazon too.  I think I gave it three stars, because as soon as we put it up the strings that hold the canvas up onto the sticks immediately lost their stitching. So after a few days I dusted off the ol' sewing machine and spent an hour sewing on every single string and sewing up the end of every seam that was loose (which was every SINGLE seam) and already coming apart.  Moral of the story? This goes against literally everything I believe but maybe buy a higher quality tent??? I really don't know anymore and I don't want to have a personality crisis so I guess I'll just stop thinking about it.

The table was originally all dark brown wood, but when we lived in our rental house I put leg extenders on the kids table and used it as extra counter space for a couple of years, so the top is basically trashed.  What I ended up doing is painting the bottom with leftover paint (SW Blithe Blue) from my front door (pro tip: don't buy an entire gallon of paint just to paint your front door). And the top I used Rustoleum's Chalkboard Paint (chalkboard as in you can draw on it with chalk, not as in chalk paint).  I didn't prep the surface and so far it has held up just fine with 2 coats of paint. (but I still recommend prepping the surface with TSP or sanding or primer).

Some of the little things I have around as decor are my "PLAY" letters.  I've seen on Pinterest with the galvanized metal letters from Hobby Lobby, but I wasn't prepared to spend 15 per letter (and that's at 50% off mind you).  So I bought the 1/4 inch thick wood letters and painted them with really drippy silver metallic spray paint that I had laying around to give it that sort of metal look.  I also made a real life tassel garland. I have only made "faux" tassel garlands before - as in tissue paper ones.  But if you can believe it buying clearance yarn from Wal-mart was actually cheaper than buying the tissue paper. I think each pack of tissue paper is 2 dollars and each string was 1.50.  So my tassel garland cost me 1.50x5, you do the math :).

While I was at walmart, I bought tiny clothespins to make a little art display for my kids' art.  Don't worry, I know they won't be winning any awards for their art because they got my genes in that department.

I found my "Loved Beyond Measure" sign on clearance at Hobby Lobby, and my deer head drawing on clearance as well there too.  The deer drawing is made by a company called Twelve Timbers and they have some really cute stuff decor.

Last thing, I found my rugs for 5 dollars each at 5 Below! Have you heard of that store? It's like a dollar store but everything is 5 or less dollars.  Do not walk in unless you are ready to spend at least 50 dollars though, fair warning.  I've only been once when I found these rugs so I'll have to stay away for now. But check your area to see if you have a 5 below, because I have NEVER seen cute rugs less expensive than these.

Sometime I am going to add curtains, maybe some shelving, blinds and curtains, AND paint.  For now though we've moved onto painting our kitchen cabinets because I am so fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants for everything I do around my house.  I'm not sure I get a lot done or I just start a lot of projects, but I *think* my house is starting to look better despite my scatterbrain-y ways.  

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