Thursday, August 10, 2017

Amelia is 4! Princess photo shoot and party

No one told me before I became a parent that my kids will get older and older, and the moments with my children are so fleeting! Amelia turned four and is about to start pre-school, and I. just. can't. handle. it. I will miss her too much! OK truth be told she is at a really hard stage these past few weeks where literally anything that happens could offend her and she will decide to run up to her room crying.  The running away to cry is what is so hard for me because she will just cry louder and louder until someone comes and appeases her.  Can't watch that show? Run up to room and cry. Don't hit your brother? Run up to room and cry. Must eat dinner? Run up to room and cry. Although once it hits bedtime she is sure to find a different place besides her bedroom to cry! 

But for the other 98% of the time when she isn't crying she is such a joy. She is a fabulous older sister to Noah and will play with him for hours on end.  Like really hours each day they play together.  She is so curious about the world and usually she is up for anything.  She can entertain herself for hours while Noah is taking a nap too.  She loves pretend play and comes up with the most interesting characters and stories.  She is so ready for school and I'm really hoping preschool goes smoothly for her. 

For Amelia's birthday party I wanted to keep it really simple and inexpensive.  For a four year old's birthday party, having a friend's party is still so new so it is a perfect time to introduce simple party games.  We ended up playing "Duck, Duck, Goose" (or in our case "Crown, Crown, Princess/Prince"), dance party, freeze dance, and "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" (Pin the Crown on the Princess or Prince).  I also bought 150 plastic gold coins and hid (read: scattered) them around the room. Then we gave the kids bags and went on a treasure hunt.  When that game lasted 2 seconds we had the kids help us hide them and then did that all over again 5 more times. Here's a peek at the mayhem. 

For decorations I brought down a few princess toys, found some old pink tassel garlands from Amelia's first birthday and then taped some of her dresses on the walls.  I bought pink plasticware and called it good! 

We bought the "Frozen" chicken nuggets bag from Costco and Nick put them in the oven while we were playing the games.  The chicken nuggets were the shapes of crowns, hearts, stars. Very princess-esque I'm sure.  We also had watermelon and costco croissants and chicken salad sandwiches for the parents that stayed.  Oh and can't forget the PINK raspberry lemonade and cute straws.  

Notice my cute painted cabinets? Hopefully they will be done soon and I'll do a post of them.  

And this was me after trying to elevate my calf because I had fallen in the garage and injured it the day before and it was swelling to unheard of proportions after all the work of getting ready for the party. 

For Amelia's birthday photos, I saw the idea of princess dresses on a clothesline on Pinterest and knew I had to do that! Amelia LOVES to stick her tongue out lately instead of smiling for a picture but not so during this shoot.  She was seriously so happy and thought it was the most fun thing ever to have a tea party with her princesses on the grass.  Seriously I think they turned out darling and the smiles I caught are 100% natural which makes me 100% happy.  

And of course Beau had to get in on the action.  Poodles go with a royalty photoshoot right???

Now to frame this in a huge print because I think it's my favorite picture I've ever taken!